December 7, 2018

Armenia’s ECF team is excited to announce that WWF Armenia's Save the Earthbeat visual campaign was announced as a winner in the Yerevan Advertising Festival in the category of Best Social Advertisement of 2018 in Armenia.

The Save the Earthbeat campaign was developed in the with the assistance and guidance of the ECF project. The campaign’s catchy graphic and animation show a pulsing heart beat on a heart monitor, morphing into images of animals that the nature conservation campaign is focused on protecting; the Caucasian leopard, Bezoar goat, Armenian mou...

November 26, 2018

On November 23, 2018 a national workshop on the promotion of eco-corridors in southern Armenia was held by WWF Armenia in Vayk in the Vayots Dzor region. This was the third National Stakeholder meeting since a first conservation agreement was signed with Khachik

village in 2017.

The stakeholder workshop was held in Vayots Dzor Region

where most of the Armenian ECF efforts are invested. 

The meeting was attended by the Governor of Vayots Dzor region, the Director of WWF Armenia, representatives from the Environmental Protection and Mi...

November 16, 2018

The signing ceremony for the Conservation Agreement between WWF Caucasus and Gonaghkend Tebiet Dostlari community took place on November 15th 2018 in Gonaghkend, in the Guba district of Azerbaijan. 

As a product of the Eco-Corridor Fund for the Caucasus (ECF), the planned measures within the Gonaghkend Conservation Agreement contribute to ecologically sustainable land use in the Eastern Greater Caucasus Ecological Corridor in Azerbaijan. This means focusing on sustainable land use and maintaining biological diversity without reducing the income of...

June 30, 2018

The communities of Khinaliq and Galaxudat in the Guba province of Azerbaijan participated in ECF’s Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) project earlier in 2018. This helped ECF identify if the community was ready to start taking conservation measures and also foster a positive, trust-based relationship between ECF and community members while empowering local communities to become decision makers and stewards of their natural resources. 

Following the success of the FPA and the strong community involvement and motivation present, an information worksh...

June 24, 2018

On June 19th, 2018 the second annual meeting of the Regional Consultative Forum was held in Borjomi, Georgia. 

The forum gathered, stakeholders, managers, locals from participating villages throughout the region as well as the officials from the German Development Bank. The meeting commenced with a speech and tribute to ECF team member Tamaz Gamkrelidze who passed away earlier in the month. A respected and valued member of WWF Caucasus and a supporter of ECF, his knowledge and kindness will be greatly missed, both personally and professionally. 


June 22, 2018

Celebrating a life and career dedicated to nature conservation in the Caucasus.

The Eco-Corridors team lost a cherished and valued team member in June, 2018. Tamaz Gamkrelidze was the Operational Director of WWF Caucasus and an integral part of the ECF team.

Tamaz was with WWF Caucasus from the beginning, starting in 1992 where he contributed a wealth of knowledge from his PhD in Biology from Tbilisi University. After a brief foray in the private and corporate sector he returned to WWF as a Funding and Communications Manager before becoming the Operational D...

May 19, 2018

The second annual meeting of the Regional Consultative Forum is being planned for June 19, 2018 in Borjomi, Georgia. The meeting is to take place back-to-back with the regional meeting of the Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS) project, to reduce the amount of travels for the participants.

The 2018 meeting will focus mainly on: the recently signed and emerging conservation agreements in all three pilot corridors; the implementation of the pilot agreement in Khachik; monitoring, reporting and capacity building associated with the implementation of the cons...

April 30, 2018

The second phase of the FPA was completed in the village communities of Gndasar-West, near the Gnishik Protected Landscape, and Shahapong Conservation Area.

During the inception phase of a Conservation Agreement, the Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) was adopted as a tool to support the process of collective learning in the target communities. The aim was to empower local communities to manage their own development and take part in a structured dialogue to develop the conservation measures, including building their capacity to implement the future cons...

April 12, 2018

Conservation Agreement in new village communities of South Eastern Lesser Caucasus Corridor joined ECF sustainable land use plans.

Active dialogue within the local communities in Ararat, Vayots Dzor, and Sisian regions of Armenia have resulted in the conclusion of several conservation agreements. Through the introduction of sustainable land use plans implemented by local communities, these success stories have made it possible to introduce a new conservation approach and improve the habitats of the wild animals in key sections the South-eastern Lesser Cauca...

April 18, 2017

WWF Armenia and the Gnishik Intercommunity Environmental Fund signed a Conservation Agreement on April 18th, 2017 with the support of the Khachik Community in Vayots Dzor Region of Armenia.

“With the launch of this program we start the practical implementation of our policy of environmental corridors, so as our fauna can freely move,” said Artsvik Minasyan, the Minister of Nature Protection Armenia, who took part in the signature ceremony. “The communities located in this section shall be granted an opportunity; on one hand, not to damage fauna, and on the...

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