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NEWS | Announcing the Meeting of Regional Consultative Forum in Tbilisi

The annual gathering of partners, stakeholders, institutions and individuals to share the progress and future of the ECF.

The Eco-Corridors Fund for the Caucasus (ECF) – Phase II is announcing the meeting of the Regional Consultative Forum on 19. October, 2023. It will be the second large gathering of Phase II of the ECF Programme and will take place at the Holiday Inn in Tbilisi. This day-long event will act as the annual gathering of the project and will include networking, presentations, and sharing the success stories and plans for the future of the ECF Programme.

There will be many important individuals and public figures presenting, including representatives of ministries from the three ECF project countries, a representative from the German Embassy in Georgia as well as the Regional Director WWF Caucasus.

This year’s forum will be divided into three sections.

  • First, there will be opening statements from Ministry representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as overview of the progress of the ECF from 2022 and 2023.

  • The second segment of the forum will be dedicated to presenting and discussing the opportunity of community conservation as “Other Effective Conservation Measure” followed by a discussion period.

  • And finally, the main thematic achievements of ECF in each country will be discussed, focused on: the ECF wildlife Caretakers’ Code of Conduct; monitoring concept; and wildlife damage solidarity insurance schemes.

When the microphones are tuned off and the computers closed, the forum participants will all meet for a joint dinner to further discuss the hurtles, the achievements and the upcoming events, activities and plans for the ECF Programme.


FINAL_ECF Regional Consultative Forum Programme Oct 2023
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