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GEORGIA | Western Lesser Caucasus Eco-Corridor

The Western Lesser Caucasus Corridor is located in the Colchic biogeographic region in southwestern Georgia and follows the Meskheti Mountain Range, providing links between important conservation areas in Turkey and Georgia. The eco-corridor includes mountain forests, alpine meadows and a dense network of rivers and streams, which drain to the Black and Caspian Seas. The topography of the area is very steep, resulting in high risk of erosion and landslides giving the forests an important protective function. The corridor contains high biological and landscape diversity as it connects different biogeographical and climatic zones. 

Connecting wildlife populations

in the Colchic forest landscape

Key Species & Habitat

Charismatic large mammal species have been selected to represent the biodiversity of the landscape.


The suitability of habitats for these species has been studied in order to set priorities for conservation measures. Habitats have been broken down into:

  • Core areas - most suitable habitats

  • Ecological traps - naturally suitable habitats where animals are threatened by human pressure

  • Potential refuges - naturally less suitable habitats where animals may evade human pressure

Key Species Habitat | Georgia

Key Species

Key Habitats

Caucasian red deer

Cervus elaphus maral

Critically endangered species on Georgia’s Red List

Jernej Stritih

Caucasian chamois

Rupicapra rupicapra caucasica


Endangered species on Georgia’s Red List

Jernej Stritih

Brown bear

Ursus arctos

Endangered species on Georgia’s Red List 

Jernej Stritih


Mountain grasslands & mixed forest grassland


Rivers & rocky slopes

Natural & Cultural Heritage

Parks and Protected Areas


Borjomi‐Kharagauli National Park is located in central Georgia in the eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. The park is located on a transition line between different climate zones and hosts remarkable biological diversity and landscapes.



Mtirala National Park is of high value for conservation as an example of relict Colchic flora. The park contains rare, relict flora and fauna species, endemic to the Adjara region and plays an important role in water regulation and erosion prevention.


Machakhela National Park has high diversity of relict and endemic flora and fauna throughout the Colchic-type mixed forests. Situated along the border of Turkey the park forms a cross-border protected area with the Camili Biosphere Reserve.



Kintrishi Strict Nature Reserve (SNR) and adjacent Kintrishi Protected Landscape (PL) were established with to preserve unique Colchic forests, located in the valley of Kintrishi River.



Goderdzi Fossilized Forest Natural Monument is located at an altitude of 1600-2100 m along the Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road on Goderdzi Pass, in Adigeni and Khulo municipalities. The Natural Monument is managed by Borjomi-Kharagauli NP Administration and contains unique fossilized flora and fauna of the Pliocene Epoch visible in exposed ore deposits.

Jernej Stritih

Jernej Stritih

Conservation Agreements | GEORGIA

Western Lesser Caucasus Eco-Corridor


VIDEO | Explore Georgia's Ajara Region

May 2018

The short film Jara, takes viewers on a one year journey through the mountains of the Ajara region of Georgia, examining the shifting boundary between human habitat and wild nature.

It tells a story of bees in the forest, of the beauty and ruthlessness of nature, of local people and their lives intertwined with the region. 


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