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ARMENIA | Save The Earthbeat Campaign Wins National Recognition

Armenia’s ECF team is excited to announce that WWF Armenia's Save the Earthbeat visual campaign was announced as a winner in the Yerevan Advertising Festival in the category of Best Social Advertisement of 2018 in Armenia.

The Save the Earthbeat campaign was developed in the with the assistance and guidance of the ECF project. The campaign’s catchy graphic and animation show a pulsing heart beat on a heart monitor, morphing into images of animals that the nature conservation campaign is focused on protecting; the Caucasian leopard, Bezoar goat, Armenian mouflon and brown bear.

ECF and WWF Armenia accepting their award for best social marketing in 2018.

WWF Armenia and ECF team members Armen, Hayk and Hermine put in a great effort to implement, publicize, and create promotional materials for the campaign and are excited that the jury, consisting of international advertising agencies and associations, selected their campaign as the winner. Jernej Stritih contributed advertising advice on the campaign’s message and WWF Armenia director Karen Manvelyan gave the green light project to the project.

The campaign was a great success among the target audience in Armenia as well as worldwide and the ECF team is excited that the message reached so many people and hope that it provoked thought and action to the protection of natural resources and native wildlife in Armenia.

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