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NEWS | Upcoming Meeting of Regional Consultative Forum will Officially Commence Phase II of ECF

For the first time since 2019, ECF will meet with new and existing stakeholders and partners

The Eco-Corridors Fund for the Caucasus (ECF) announces the meeting of the Regional Consultative Forum on9. June 2022. It will be the first large gathering of Phase II of the ECF Programme, and the ECF team will welcome institutions and individuals involved in the first and the second phase of the programme to meet at the Radisson Hotel in Tbilisi for a full-day event of presentations, networking and knowledge sharing.

The focus of the meeting will be to:

· Welcome existing and new partners and donors

· Outline the success of the ECF I

· Introduce the outcomes and indicators for ECF II

The success of the ECF I has generated excitement and interest which has resulted in new programme partners from the governments of Switzerland and Slovenia, as well as renewed support from the German government via BMZ and KfW. This expansion of support reflects the effectiveness and sustainability of the programme.

During the meeting the new supporters will be given the chance to introduce themselves and their institutions, and we look forward to hearing from Werner Thut, Deputy Regional Director Swiss Cooperation for the South Caucasusand Mojca Kopše, from Slovenia’s Development Cooperation.

The Regional Consultative Forum will also provide a chance for stakeholders, donors, supporters, project staff, community-based organisations and local community members, to network and converse.

Giorgi Sanadiradze, the Regional Director WWF Caucasus will provide opening and closing remarks, and following the meeting participants will be invited to a joint dinner where hopes, ideas, and intentions will be exchanged over traditional Georgian dishes.

The three-month inception phase of the project started in February 2022. Since then, the project team has visited all three countries and the three landscapes of Eastern Lesser Caucasus, Eastern Greater Caucasus and Western Lesser Caucasus where ECF II will continue to work in the next four years.

ECF Regional Consultative Forum
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