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AZERBAIJAN | Financial Training for ECF Beneficiary Communities

In late December professionals from the International Cooperation Depository Fund (Sparkasse) organized and executed a two-day, interactive training for two of ECF’s beneficiary communities in Azerbaijan; Gonaghkend Tabiat Dostlari and Khinalig Tabiat Dostlari communities.

Representatives from both communities attended seminars and workshops from December 20-21, 2018 discussing basic financial decision making related to savings strategies, family cash flow and investments as well as topics related to business finances; bank accounts, rural business characteristics, financial statements and cost estimation. ECF recognizes that knowledge is empowering. By supporting and encouraging informed financial decision making on an individual level means better community decision making as well.

With almost 20 locals in attendance, these two communities in Azerbaijan now have a more informed perspective on financial decision making within the community decisions related to ECF’s projects and conservation efforts there.

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