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AZERBAIJAN | Wildlife Management Workshop in the Khinaliq and Galaxudat Communities

The communities of Khinaliq and Galaxudat in the Guba province of Azerbaijan participated in ECF’s Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) project earlier in 2018. This helped ECF identify if the community was ready to start taking conservation measures and also foster a positive, trust-based relationship between ECF and community members while empowering local communities to become decision makers and stewards of their natural resources.

Following the success of the FPA and the strong community involvement and motivation present, an information workshop on Wildlife Management was held on June 30th 2018. The workshop offered sessions on the following topics:

- Introduction to Wildlife Management

- Wildlife Ecology of the Eastern Tur and Brown Bear

- Wildlife Habitats

- Wildlife Management Techniques

- Wildlife Management Law and Administration

In attendance were 28 representatives of Khinaliq and Galaxudat communities who took away valuable information and training on how to further the conservation of native wildlife and ecosystem, while improving the economic and social situation in the villages.

The ECF team hopes to organize more of these workshops as it has become apparent that they contribute significantly to the education and planning of the Eco-Corridors Fund objectives.

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